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MANILA, Philippines — As they say, “out with the old and in with the new!” Now that it’s 2022, this means more opportunities to improve our everyday lives, especially at home. What better way to do this than by bringing in new gadgets, appliances and electronics.

Planning on getting a new mobile phone or laptop for a more productive year? Or maybe a bigger all-in-one washer and dryer so you can take on bigger loads of laundry and save more time? Or perhaps a smart TV with a bigger screen so you can enjoy your favorite K-dramas and Netflix shows in their full glory? Now’s your chance to shop for less for these gadgets and appliances!

In the spirit of embracing new beginnings,

Savers Appliances, home of the best deals on gadgets, appliances and other electronics, is taking things up a notch with a gamified approach through their Deck of Holiday Cards Campaign


Open to all customers 18 years old and above, this game lets customers win as much as P3,500 worth of shopping vouchers and discounts every week until January 23!

Enter the games

Appliance shopping galore is at your fingertips and getting in on all of the fun is easy! All you have to do are the following:

  1. Go to the Savers Appliance holiday promo website here and register by typing in your name, date of birth, mobile number and email address.


  2. Enter a password.


  3. Let them know what Savers Appliance product is on your wish list and then submit.


  4. Enter the OTP you received via email to proceed.

After registering, you may use your mobile and nominated password to log in. Once you’re in, you can now start playing to win awesome vouchers and discounts that you can use to purchase your appliance of choice!

Learn the mechanics

The Deck of Holiday Cards is basically a match-up game, and to get you up to speed, here’ what you need to know to play the game with ease:

  • Tap on the screen and try to match two identical cards.


  • Once a match is made, you get to keep the cards and get a chance for another go-round. With a non-match, however, the card flips over and you have to try to match identical cards again.


  • With every successful match, you get 30 points.


  • Each player has two (2) game tokens per day that they can use to play. Once you run out, you get two new tokens when the game recycles after 24 hours.


  • The game has a total of 10 levels, each with an increasing level of difficulty (The number of cards increases with every level). You are allotted 60 seconds to finish each level.


  • Players’ accumulated points within the cut-off week will be posted on the leaderboard, of which the top 3 will win discounts and vouchers they can use on the website. Points earned within the cut-off week will be reset for the next gaming week.


  • Each player may only win once.

Start gaming and give yourself the best start to a new year. Register now to score vouchers and discounts!


To register to the Savers Appliance Deck of Holiday Cards Campaign, go to For more information, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.

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